Celebrating Yourself

Hi Guy's 👋 It been a while. Missed being here.. got caught up in a lot of things. Woah..where do I start form. Hmmm..its simple I just want to celebrate myself ...nah not really I want to celebrate every beautiful soul that reads this. Why? Because once in a while you just have to live … Continue reading Celebrating Yourself

Finding Peace At My Worst

There are times when my mind wanders, and I find myself lost in thoughts, times when I feel depressed and hurt. To be honest I still haven't healed from the disappointments and set back I have experienced. I have learnt to bury them deep inside. Photo Credit: NDTV I talk a lot about hope, I … Continue reading Finding Peace At My Worst

Break Free and Live Free!!!

Hey!!! What's been going on lately? I hope you're good? I am sure a lot have been going on.  I just want to say "It's okay"  "You are enough" "You can handle it". Stop hurting!!!  Don't stay hidden in your thoughts!!!  You are not alone!!!.  Step out!!!  Break free!!!  Walk into the light and look beyond your … Continue reading Break Free and Live Free!!!