Celebrating Yourself

Hi Guy's 👋 It been a while. Missed being here.. got caught up in a lot of things. Woah..where do I start form. Hmmm..its simple I just want to celebrate myself ...nah not really I want to celebrate every beautiful soul that reads this. Why? Because once in a while you just have to live … Continue reading Celebrating Yourself

#1: Lessons

I have learnt that it's best to stop chasing after people and learned to focus more on myself, the people who have been of help to you and above all to cherish the little things around you. I have learnt to stop being the only one trying to fix things and just go with the … Continue reading #1: Lessons

Hello!!! Be happy and smile!!!

Some days back, I felt sad and depressed over the fact that my phone got stolen ( i know its a minor issue right! LOL. But at the time it happened i didnt feel that way, rather it felt like a major issue..... you know how we  youths get attached to our phone and gadgets!!!) … Continue reading Hello!!! Be happy and smile!!!