18 Bible Verses For Comfort and Courage.

When you find yourself in need of comfort and encouragement, the Bible is the best place to turn to. Why? Because is not man to lie, men may leave you stranded but God will never turn his back on you, he might not be there with you physically but he live in you and through … Continue reading 18 Bible Verses For Comfort and Courage.

Comfort Through Scriptures (pt.1)

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. John 14:18 We've all been through our own share of unfair situations. The world we live in guarantees hurt and pain, it just the way of life. You may never understand why things happened the way they did. During these situations or uncertainties, it's … Continue reading Comfort Through Scriptures (pt.1)

Don’t limit yourself!!! Dream Big!!! Think Big!!!

We all have dreams! We all feel we are unique in our own way.  Do you know we all have a success story within us. It's what makes you different from every other person. God created us in his own image, he made us special, he created us for a specific  purpose,we all have unique … Continue reading Don’t limit yourself!!! Dream Big!!! Think Big!!!

Hello!!! Be happy and smile!!!

Some days back, I felt sad and depressed over the fact that my phone got stolen ( i know its a minor issue right! LOL. But at the time it happened i didnt feel that way, rather it felt like a major issue..... you know how we  youths get attached to our phone and gadgets!!!) … Continue reading Hello!!! Be happy and smile!!!