Nigeria @ 57: A ¬†Prayer For my Country.

Yipee!!! Its the 1st of October, today marks the independence of Nigeria and coincidently it fell in a Sunday, so I am going say a little pray for the Nigeria of my dreams; I pray that Nigeria remains a country where all men and women irrespective of religion, ethnicity, language, gender and color live and … Continue reading Nigeria @ 57: A ¬†Prayer For my Country.

The 7 Dream keys

Every man has a dream, they seek to achieve. It's always good to dream big, having a vision sets you apart to move forward.  It isnt always easy to breakdown dreams into steps. Those who achieve success usually go through processes to attain greater heights.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single … Continue reading The 7 Dream keys

Don’t limit yourself!!! Dream Big!!! Think Big!!!

We all have dreams! We all feel we are unique in our own way.  Do you know we all have a success story within us. It's what makes you different from every other person. God created us in his own image, he made us special, he created us for a specific  purpose,we all have unique … Continue reading Don’t limit yourself!!! Dream Big!!! Think Big!!!