A hearty and warm welcome to my little corner…
Hi, my name is Okoli Stephanie Chiamaka, but you can call me “amy”.
Yeah!!!I am Nigerian. I take pride in it. I hail from Anambra state, I am igbo. For those that don’t know what igbo is, well it’s an ethnic group situated in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

I am a head strong woman in her early 20’s, though at times I wish I could go back to being a teenager…nah cancel that.

I graduated from Landmark University, class of 2016 (Marvel Set). I studied International Relations. Apart from english and my local dialect, I also speak French (a bit rusty now because i dont have any one to communicate with). I am currently serving my motherland through the NYSC scheme.

I spend a lot of time of my free time reading, writing, laughing with friends and family, listening to music, watching movies  (I am a sucker for sequels and series….i am a huge romantic, I watch anything that pleases me…before i forget, I am a huge fan of soap operas),  dancing in my room infront of the mirror, praying and meditating, I also love being around people who make impacts in my life….with time you will find out more things about me. 😉

I started blogging June 2017. It’s been an amazing experience, i learn new things everyday.  This blog Amy’s Brew is a journey towards self realisation in all aspects of my life. It’s here I express my thoughts and views through writing and my love for inspiring others is where my joy lies. I am just an individual expressing my passion. I don’t have the answers to every thing, i just live through my own experiences and information gooten from books. All I know how to do is live through life as it transitions.

My immerse love for God and his words drives me to be a better version of myself and help young adults like myself discover their perfection in their flaws and help them walk on the pathway of God’s love and promises.

My hope is is that you feel at home whenever you visit my blog.

Welcome to Amy’s Brew!!!

Welcome to my not so prefect life’s journey!!!