Hey guys

How you doing?

I recently discovered this amazing product called Sebamed clear face, can’t believe it’s been around for a very long time and nobody told me about it😲

So, you might ask  what happened?

Well, for a period of 5 months I had an awful breakout of acne and  irritation on my face, which led to my skin getting red and blotchy, ewww….it was really irritating.I had to start using makeup to conceal the red patches  and rashes on my face, which to me was really uncomfortable because I not am used to wearing makeup everyday.

Till date I don’t still know what happened to my face in the month of august. I remember waking up one morning and spotting pimple on my face, I didn’t make a big deal out of it because it meant it as a that time of the month. 
But I soon realised that it was spreading all over and before I could say “Jack” it was tuning into an something else I started having skin irritation redness and discoloration.

Most of my friends said the reason for the sudden outburst said it had something to with hormonal imbalance,  but I didn’t think or feel so.
I started to try everything I could lay my hands on from facial gels to scrubs and moisturizer. But nothing seemed to work.Not even my diy mask which was made of aloe Vera gel (pick from my mum’s vereanda) mixed with lemon/ lime juice, or oats mixed with honey/water+egg whites.

I randomly came across Sebamed clear face gel during my visit  to the drug store on my way home from work. I was so desperate to find something that would work on my face, so when I spotted Sebamed clear face gel I figured “eh, why not just give this a try for a week.” 

I purchased it and used it for the the first week and discovered that the swelling on right did of my face was a bit calm, and I thought ” hmmm this could actually work, why not keep using it for some time and see what happens”

After a week or two I discovered that I no longer had breakouts, my face was returning back to its original state and all seemed significantly “calm”. Sebamed clear face gel became my saving grace, I had to repurchase 2 more.

Now let me give you a run down of this awesome product.


I expect it to be watery, but instead it’s a thick and gooey.  It’s a clear gel.

On application it has this gooey feel to it, but later on evaporates on the skin once spread evenly. It feels cool on the skin. It has a slightly tacky feel to it once it dries. 

On application
3 minutes after application.

I don’t like products that leave a tacky feel behind, but if it works then I have no problem with it.


It’s packaging is really simple, which I like. It has a minimalist approach to it.


It’s priced at #2500 But I got it on discount for #2000 naira. I do wish it was not so small.

Well guys that’s all I can say about Sebamed clear face gel

I am feeling really sleepy now😴, would have loved to write more on this product because it utterly amazing. 😆

Have a blessed day.

Till next time.


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