15 Reasons Why You Should Never Feel Guilty.

We go through different life experiences that we end up feeling guilty for reasons that leave us feeling helpless and unforgiving of our past mistakes.

Here is a little reminder of what you should never feel guilty about;

  1. Knowing  who you are.
  2. Realising your worth.
  3. Changing for the better.
  4. Making something happen for yourself.
  5. Having a goal.
  6. Staying true to your vision.
  7. Actualizing your dream.
  8. Losing friends in the cause of building yourself.
  9. Enjoying your own company.
  10. Accepting who you are; aren’t and can be.
  11. Choices is you have made.
  12. Not caring about unnecessary drama.
  13. Saying sorry.
  14. Setting boundaries.
  15. Being honest to yourself and others.

    Please dont get lost in your thoughts or feel guilty about what might have been said or done.

     Try to live with a mind of clarity. Place God first, yourself, family then other and watch how things fall in place for you.

    Live free and never feel bad for being who you are, learn to live for yourself  not the other way around.

    Till I come your way next time guys.

    Catch you later ๐Ÿ˜˜

    5 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why You Should Never Feel Guilty.

    1. Love love love this post! I think we all too often feel guilty about things that we shouldnโ€™t; itโ€™s almost as if we feel that we are letting others down when in reality we are letting ourselves down! Would it be okay if I re-blogged this on my site? ๐ŸŒธ


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