Nigeria @ 57: A  Prayer For my Country.


Its the 1st of October, today marks the independence of Nigeria and coincidently it fell in a Sunday, so I am going say a little pray for the Nigeria of my dreams;

I pray that Nigeria remains a country where all men and women irrespective of religion, ethnicity, language, gender and color live and love in peace with equality for all.

I pray for unity amongst all and the end of religious sentiments.

I pray for a land where tranquility and transparency remains the order of the day.

I pray for a time when the distance between the rulers and the ruled ceases to exist.

I pray for a time when citizens will No longer live with the fear of division and terrorism.

I thank God in advance for fulfilling his words over Nigeria.
The land is green.

The land of my birth. 

Join us today as we celebrate our 57 years!

5 thoughts on “Nigeria @ 57: A  Prayer For my Country.

  1. Happy Independence Day to you Stephanie and all other Nigerians! I pray that God should continue to lift Nigeria as we are as tall as the great powers of the world, in Jesus’ name!


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