My 6 Favourite Nigerian Make Up Brands.

Hey guys,

How’s your day going? I am really excited about today.

Today’s post is dedicated to my favourite go to Nigerian make up brands. 

A round of applause to the leading ladies behind these beautiful cosmetic lines. They have taken the giant leap of faith by startimg their own make up brands and branching out to other countries,  which in my own opinion has given foreign makeup brands a run for their money.

Over the years, the Nigerian beauty industry has been evolving at a fast pace. Every year, I see these indigenous brands making a mark in the industry with competitive prices, spectacular colour blends and textures. From foundations, lip products (lippies), highlighters, gorgeous eyeshadow pallets and so much more. I am so glad these brands are creating products that are worth every cent spent buying them.

Here are 6 of my favourite makeup go to brands;

House of Tara (HOT).

amysbrew house of tara

It’s owned by Mrs Tara Fela-Durotoye. It was founded in 1998 ( two year after I was born, winks). House of Tara has to be my number one absolute favourite… it’s one of the most popular brand in Africa and probably the world. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about this brand. It’s seen as a pacesetter in the industry. It has make up studios situate around Nigeria and they produce skin care products. Also, it’s popularly known for their powders, lip  products, professional tool kits, eyshadows, highlighterd and contouring palette. I absolutely love the indeginious names given to the single pot shadows and the tube lip glosses.

Zaron Cosmetics 

amysbrew zaron cosmetics

Okay talking about Zaron cosmetics,I have to be very honest, because I initially taught it was a foreign brand and  I was so excited about using. When, I found out it was a Nigerian made brand, I became more excited and wanted to explore more. I am totally crazy about their primer and healthy glow liquid foundation,  which feels absolutely wonderful on my skin, I can’t get enough of it. Before I get all crazy and keep gushing about this line, let me get to the point.  Zaron cosmetics is owned by Oke Maduewesi and was birthed in 2011. Its one of rhe most popular Nigerian brands and has released  a wide range of products that are absolutely divine and richly pigmented. Even though it’s specially designed for black skin tone and tropical climatic conditions, it has engraved its name in the hearts of many makeup artists. With a wide range of products, they are best known for their lip products, foundations (oil free and contain SPF), powders, eyeliner and primer.

Yanga Beauty

amysbrew Yanga beauty

This make up line was launched last year. It have quietly worn the hearts of every one. Ever heard of browlution? Well, this is an eye product of Yanga Beauty. They have a range if matte and mettalic lip creams.I am yet to try it, but I love what I see.

Nuban Beauty.

 amysbrew nuban beauty

This brand is popularly known for it’s pro blending sponges. Nuban beauty has become a house hold favourite. They are know for their makeup kits, wide range of matte and pro mettalic lipstick, brushes and lashes.They have also launched eyeshadow palettes that are currently trending. 

amysbrew nuban beauty

Taos Cosmetic

amysbrew Taos Cosmetics

If you are looking for new, cool and edgy products, then Taos Cosmetics is the brand for you. It’s gradually becoming a household name both home and abroad. It’s owned by  Vanessa Onwughalu. It was birthed in Nigeria in 2014.

amysbrew Taos Cosmetics

I am in love with their range of matte and mettalic lip creams, eyeliner, glow kit and eyeshadow. 


amysbrew beautybyad
Instagram – @beautybyad

BeautybyAD got launched late last year. Its owned by Adeola Diadem. It’s a lipstick brand. The brand started off by introducing their lip stains into the market one share at a time, and now they a total 7 shades that are absolutely gorgeous, I recently got the shade neato as a gift from a friend, because for sometime now I have obsessing over getting one since my favourite Nigerian make up artists  and beauty enthusiasts have all hyped the brand. They recently released two types of lipgloss; lip gloss in gleam and lip gloss in glint.

amysbrew beautybyad
Instagram – @beautybyad

 Apart from these brands there are also many more brand I am yet to try, the brands mentioned are my all time favourite.

If you know more brands please let me know.

Loads of love.

Till next time.

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