Reaching out 

I realised there are so many people who pass by each day and go unnoticed, who remain invincible….


Because these set of people shut themselves out from society to avoid being ridiculed or laughed at. They tell themselves ” I am not needed by anyone” “I feel so inferior when I stand beside my peers” “I am not good enough for anyone or anything” ” I can never do things right” “I feel so useless” ” what’s the point of going on? When no one appreciates and notices me or the little I do”. They had rather go unnoticed than try to keep meaningful relationships with their peers, colleagues and family members due to past experiences which may have damaged the way they view life as a whole and how they relate with people.

Because of this social awkwardness we fail to see what’s unique or special about them. The truth is that deep down despite the negative feelings or thoughts, they crave attention and wish to be accepted and loved by others.

So why don’t you walk up to someone who seems lost and can’t figure out how to proceed or fit in, make the first move, reach out and make a positive impact in someone’s life, who knows you might be the sort of change that such a person needs.

amysbrew reach out
Reach out to others in love.

Remember to make them feel loved and appreciated.

People will forget what you said and what you did m, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Be beautiful inside out.

Loads of love

Till next time.

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