#POBS: 21 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing.

Ideally, being single should give you all the freedom you are entitled to without any restrictions.

Truth is as a single person you are likely to be a recipient of unsolicited advice and pep talks, encouragement and dramatic displays from family and friends. I really appreciate the fact that they want to help, I know they all have good intentions – but sometimes they cross the line and go past being helpful.

Here are some things single people get tired of hearing;

1. When are you going to get married? Your mates are already in their husbands house! 
Hmmm…sounds familiar right! 

2. When will I carry my grand children?

amy's brew the peeks of being single

3. When will I wear your asoebi? Are you not tired of wearing the asoebi of others?
My Nigerian sisters am sure you are familiar with this question. I don’t need to say much on this.

4. Are you seeing someone, Why not?
Amazingly, whenever I chat with friends and family, I get this question. It’s hunting me!

5. What wrong with you? You are still single.
Nothing is wrong with me!!!

6. Who is this? Is he/ she the one?
This question leaves me speechless. Seriously, hanging out with a guy or girl doesn’t literally mean you are dating that person.

7. “You need to….”
I know this is not a question, it a suggestion or advise you get as a single. You need to: put to yourself out there more (our where?), let you hair down, stop being too forward, wear more make up, meet new people, change your wardrobe, stop talking about comic books and gadgets, listen more, talk less, make eye contact, stop being goofy, stop being picky…
For some wierd reason, people are always frank about what they think is wrong with you especially within the context of dating.

8. We should set you up with someone. I’ve got the perfect person for you.

9. Hey! What ever happened to the guy/ girl I introduced you to?
It didn’t work out. We are very good friends. End of discussion.

10. I was married by the time I was your age.

11. What do you do for valentine’s day ?
I… Why do you ask? What do you do?

12. You must sleep around a lot…
Wait!!! That’s not the reason I am single. If you want to go have fun them do it, just play safe.

13. You are to picky…you need to lower your expectations.
Okay..Thank you.  That may be true, but it does not mean I should get criticized for my taste or choice. 

14. The cliche line; you are not getting any younger!!!

Okay!!! I know alright!

15. You are too much of a career driven person, you think you have it all..settle down with a nice young man/lady.

 16. Are you afraid of intimacy?
Thanks know it all. Next!!

17. The right girl/guy will come to you when you stop looking.
Oh! Okay I will just stop looking at wait for the right person to just knock on my door.  I should juat wish foe them to find me. 
My brothers and sisters you will just grow beards!!!

18. “You are so lucky, you get to do what you want to do at your own time”. I wish single!
If you think beign single is easy, try being single again!

19. Who broke you heart?
Well, we’ve all had a broken heart but thats  not why I am single. I am not damaged or traumatized. I just love myself too much. (Mic drops…)

20. Are you happy? Don’t you feel sad?
N to the O… NO!!! I fill very fulfilled because it has giving me time to know myself, I am not distracted by trying to figure someone else or sorting out issues. I am free and happy!!! Thank you.

21. You are probably still single because you don’t eat well…just look at you.

PS: Apart from the things I have stated, you can also share questions you have been asked as a single person.

Loads of love❀

Till next time…

12 thoughts on “#POBS: 21 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing.

  1. If one more person tries to tell me what I need to do as a single woman, I am going to lose it. I am single because I am single and there is nothing that anyone, including myself, can do about it. Family and friends need to allow is to live. We will be in relationships/married soon enough!
    Great read!!!

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  2. Heard ’em all. 13 makes me laugh, I’m like no it’s called standards. Every time I lowered my standard the guy ended up being a nightmare and reminded me why being single is THE BEST! 15 I’ve heard a ton! I’m like he should be working on his career too. I’m trying to build an empire with my partner. I don’t want a Britney Kevin Federline situation! Thanks for making me laugh, honestly I feel like this is a short window in our lives and I’m appreciative to just worry/spoil me.

    Keri Elaine

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