22 Things Every Girl Should know

Hey ❤

Over the years, I have always wondered about the roles of a lady in this fast paced world. 

Right from the when I was really young, I have always been told to walk a certain way, eat a certan way, talk a certain way and dress a certain way. For instance, mother will always say DON’T SLOUCH!!! SIT PROPERLY!!! SIT UP!!! DONT YOU KNOW YOU ARE A GIRL!!!

I admire women who go against all odds to build a better life for themselves and try to change the norms of society. I appreciate every woman out there who proves a point in the way she moves, talks and decision she takes.

I have learnt a lot from the few friends I have made and from the women that inspire me to take the world head on.

Someone once told me that women are the backbones of the world’s social structure and I for one believe that to be true. 

So here is a little remimder to the world’s most beautiful lady

That’s right!!


  1. To never lose sight of who you are and stay true to who you are.
  2. To never be treated or be seen as an object of ridicule.
  3.  To demand respect and give respect when due.
  4. To walk with confidence and not self doubt.
  5. To love yourself relentlessly against all odds.
  6. To be a boss at your own game.
  7.  To be a good soul that carries positive vibes.
  8. To be pretty with a purpose.
  9. To be your own kind of beautiful.
  10. To accept your flaws and imperfections.
  11. To walk in modesty.
  12. To keep your head high and standards unshakable.
  13. To be a woman with a plan and prayer life.
  14. To never be afraid to say “no”
  15. To never be afraid to say “yes” but let go of what you can’t control.
  16. To trust your guts.
  17. To love without conditions.
  18. To talk without bad intention.
  19. To find your identity in Christ and not in looks or books.
  20. To give without reasons.
  21. To show care without expectations.
  22. And finally, to live simple.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, and pray you keep moving forward in whatever it is you find yourself doing.

        Loads of love ❤

        Till next time


        6 thoughts on “22 Things Every Girl Should know

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