Break Free and Live Free!!!


What’s been going on lately?

I hope you’re good?

I am sure a lot have been going on.  I just want to say “Its okay”  “You are enough” “You can handle it”.

Stop hurting!!! 

Don’t stay hidden in your thoughts!!!

 You are not alone!!!. 

Step out!!!

 Break free!!! 

Walk into the light and look beyond your circumstances!!!.

You may not know it, but I know that you are the strongest person out there. You may not feel like it, but its true and i belive you you will come to realise that you not as week as you think. 

You are not alone!!!

Right now it may seem like you are all alone in this battle you are faced with, you feel scared, and hurt.

Now is not the time to feel this way, the world we live in is a beautiful place to live in when you make the best out of it. 

Yes! Life offers both bitter  sweet experiences, but that does not mean you should while away your time dwelling on these bitter experiences. You make the world radiant just by being a part of it. You have been packaged differently form others and within you lies untapped potentials and unique talents that the world is yet try to see.

You are loved and will always be loved.

Life will always guarantee hurt and pain. Don’t store up them up…dont let it eat you up. Let it out!!! You may not necessarily  share it with the people closest to you, but share it with someone, trust me when I say you will feel a whole lot better. One thing you must know is that people may not always have the best of solutions or answers to certain questions, but just 20th feeling of having someone to confide in, is the most beautiful thing. 

When in doubt, tears, disappointment and frustration, SPEAK OUT!!! Don’t be buried in your thoughts because it could harm you along the way.  Break free from such ugly thoughts. EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!

If crying, taking a walk, shouting into thin air at the top of your voice or smashing and object makes you feel better then just do it. 

After all you are only human and you are allowed to have heavy emotions. It’s okay to feel hurt. We may not always get what we want out of life, but on the brighter did of things it can be fair, fun and exciting. 

Don’t lose sight of who you are. Look beyond your imperfections and flaws, look beyond what others may have done or said, look beyond your losses and love yourself relentlessly.

Shout out the negativity going on around you. 


Remember that with you the world and the people you meet along the way are only a part of your life chapter.

Therfore, live each day with joy in your heart and treat yourself as the most important person. Live free and break cre from your doubts, troubles and worries. See a brighter day, look beyond your starting point and become a better you. 

Loads of love โค

Till next time…


18 thoughts on “Break Free and Live Free!!!

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