Reflections & Grace 

Been  reflecting on my life and how far I have come, looking back at where I started from to where I am now. I have no regrets. I have learned to take each day as a blessing by taking baby steps. I am no longer in a hurry to make it in life, I know at the right time things will fall in place.

Amy's Brew Reflections and Grace

A lot of things have happened, many mistakes where made, but I give God all the glory for the uncountable blessings and favours I have received.
When things go wrong, you get to see the true  nature of people we him dear to our hearts. Some may stop associating with you, and very few may stick around to see thr outcome of your life. 

I believe there are four groups of people; those that sit in sidelines and  watch life pass by, the few who make it a point to makes things happen, the many that don’t take actions,  the ones that assume that life is unfavourable and can’t stand to see the progress of others.

Even with all these situations, I find myself still ending up a winner, I stand in the authority of God. I am steady under pressure because God is on my side and is the supply of my strength. 

Challenges may arise, friends may come and go, relationships may come to an end. But with God on my side nothing will go wrong, I find my identity in him.

Life challenges don’t paralyze or leave you hopeless, rather they help shape you to discover who you are.

Till next time…

9 thoughts on “Reflections & Grace 

  1. Rather than repeat what I find has already been said perfectly, I’ll just say this post was the sweet reminder that I needed today! Satan always has a way of making us feel that we alone in our walks with Him and tribulations as Christians…thanks for proving Satan wrong once again with your post! May God continue to profusely bless you❤️

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  2. “Life challenges don’t paralyze or leave you hopeless, rather they help shape you to discover who you are.” A fact that will always keep one going especially in tough times. Nice work.

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    1. The truth is life will always offer hurt and pian, these things happen not to leave you stranded and hopeless but to shape you for other event that will occur in life. Thanks for the comment.❤🖒


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