The 7 Dream keys

Every man has a dream, they seek to achieve. It’s always good to dream big, having a vision sets you apart to move forward.  It isnt always easy to breakdown dreams into steps. Those who achieve success usually go through processes to attain greater heights. 

AmysBrew 7 dream keys it starts with you.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

Here are 7 dream keys I live by.  I pray and hope it helps guide you towards accomplishing your dreams like it has helped me.

  • Key 1: Start dreaming

Every great achievement in life begins in the mind of one person. Why?  Because they dared to be different, they dared yo dream big. They projected their thoughts on what they wanted out of life and what they  wanted to give off your life. Take some time to ask yourself  What would you like to see? Imagine your perfect job, imagine your perfect future, imagine your perfect get-away…Dream big!!! Don’t let negative thoughts discourage you. Dream of possibilities!!!

  • Key 2: See and Believe in your dreams

Great accomplishments made by individuals have a habit they cannot do without. They see and believe in things they seek to achieve. They picture themselves in their dreams. Envision yourself at the place you want to be. This is a mindset that can’t be forced but adopted, so it’s up to you to see and believe in your dreams.

  • Key 3: Make an action plan

Define you dreams!!!  Your dreams won’t just happen if you only sit down idle and and do nothing. You need to sit down and plan your strategy for achieving your dreams. Get a note pad, a to -do list and state the things you need to achieve. Think through the details of your plans. Break them into workable parts, then set a time frame for accomplishing them. Set your plans in motion. Have a picture you move towards. We move towards what we constantly see, having a plan or picture in front of us drives us to achieve our goals. 

  • Key 4: Take Action and Speak It

Once you have laid down your plans. Take actions by utilizing every opportunity that comes your way. 

Successful people are too busy running their race to look around to see what everybody else is doing.

Joel Osteen.

State your goals as if they were there. Make use of present tense as if your goals have been achieved.  For instance, if you want do buy i new car and you dont have the funds to get one, tell yourself and declare  “I just bought my car”.  Here lies the power of faith. Don’t limit your innate ability to accomplish a task. Keep taking actions that will boost your plans. 

  • Key 5: Persist and never give up

Sure there are always reasons for putting of achieving your dream. But if you have this attitude, you will always end up making excuses and wont get things done. No matter the situation at hand keep moving towards your dream. It may seem like its not going to get accomplished or the situations around may limit the growth of that dream, no matter what don’t give up, push yourself beyond your limits.

  • Key 6: Enjoy the journey 

Enjoy each step of the way and take prod in yourself the whole way through. When you have reached your dream, make sure to enjoy it and help others enjoy it with you. Then go back to key No.1 and dream bigger this time around. 😉

Till next time.

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