Don’t limit yourself!!! Dream Big!!! Think Big!!!

We all have dreams! We all feel we are unique in our own way. 

Do you know we all have a success story within us. It’s what makes you different from every other person. God created us in his own image, he made us special, he created us for a specific  purpose,we all have unique qualities in us that others do not possess.

Amy's Brew Don't limit yourself! Dream big! Think big!Wanderlust Worker

But it’s unfortunate that a lot of us are stuck in the middle, not knowing if we should move forward or just give in to our current situations. At times we envision dreams that get suspended for one reason or the other. We set out aspirations aside and forget that we have the power to reshape and remodel or futures and as a result lose hope.

We all want to be successful at one point in our lives and enjoy life to the fullest. But unfortunately, most times we limit ourselves from realising our dreams and unlocking our potentials, that we remain at the same position.

Ecclesiastes 5:3 says 

For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.

A dream can only fulfilled when investments and actions are put in play into the actualization of such dreams. It’s one thing to say “I have a dream” it’s another thing to say ” I am working towards it”.

The truth is “we create our future” . We are the painters of our lives. The way we plan our activities reflects in our lives. 

To live and earn successfully, we must learn to reposition our minds to exactly what we think about and how we set out our goals. My mum always says this to my siblings and I whenever we fail to achieve something we wanted so bad, she says those who are successful don’t have two heads, if they accomplish what they set their minds too, you can also do the same”.

Successful people don’t move around aimlessly, they set a target for themselves and move towards it. Dreams begin in the mind, the decisions we take show us how far a dream would go.

Achieving a dream or goal is simple. A lot of people don’t strive to achieve it, because they believe it’s complicated, so they let it be. For transformation to begin, a move has to be made.

 Eleanor Roosevelt says;

The future belongs to does who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

If you want to achieve what you want out of life, concentrate on something you really enjoy and increase your chances of success. All you have to do is reposition your mindset, own your dream,  set a goal, define it, write it down and visualize it by following a plan. And don’t forget, you have to put in as much effort as required to keep it going.

Amy's Brew Don't limit yourself! Dream big! Think big!Quotesnsmiles

Remember we all have the innate ability to change the outcome of our lives and bring our dreams to life.

Start dreaming!!! Allow your mind to dream big and think big!!!

Till next time….

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