The Cramm Blog Award


I got nominated for Cramm blog awards!!!

A big thank you to  Ashley Gulley from Introducing Ashley for nominating me for this award. πŸ’‹β˜ΊπŸ˜™ You guys really need to check her out she is simply awesome! Click here to check out her page and trust me you won’t regret it.

 The Cramm Award  was created by Liv, the owner of the cramm. Click here and check it out!!.


  1. Include a little about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person who nominated you.
  2. Share three things that motivated you to blog and share three people that motivate you to blog as well.
  3. Share one thing that you hope to do that will improve the world.
  4. Answer your challenge question.
  5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question.

         3 things that motivate me to blog;

  1. I know this may sound cliche, but we all love to do it. I love expressing myself either verbal or oral, so writing is my outlet. I really enjoy being able to share my inspiration, journey and aspirations.
  2. I love networking and meeting new people and learning from their experiences and putting what I have learnt into play. Blogging gives me a platform to learn more. So thank you wordpress fam for your love and support!!
  3. I love the authenticity and originality found in each blog post I read, it drives me to do more. They say no knowledge is wasted. What I know today may not be used know but will definitely be used later on.

          3 people that motivate me blog;

  • Joel Osteen (The Smiling Preacher)
  1. Joel Osteen Ministries 
  2. Lakewood Church
  • Why he motivates me to blog? I am a huge Joel Osteen fan.  He is the senior pastor of lake wood church. Joel Osteen is awesooooome…  i am so addicted to successful and ambitious  people. When ever I pick up a copy of his books to read I always end up smiling from ear to ear. If you have ever watched any of his programs, he always wear a smile on his face. He lives his life through scriptures by praticalizing them in his every day life. He inspires me to stay positive always. He always has a word of inspiration for beach day via his social media accounts. He makes me see a brigher light at the end of the tunnel. Every thing he shares  carries a messge of hope, peace and love. Whenever I hear him preaching or read his books it almost like as if he is speaking directly to me, he always has a positive vibes around him and in all he does. He uses life example to explain situations in our lives, sometimes he share his own personal experience, other times he share s the experiences of others, that you almost feel like you are a part of what he is talking about.  You really need to check him out!!!

  • Iyanla Vanzant
  1. iyanla ‘s Facebook Page
  2. Iyanla Vanzant
  3. Iyanla Twitter 
  • Why she motivates me to blog?Maami!!!! I call her maami because she really is a mother. I remember the first time I saw her on Oprah Winfrey. From the moment I heard her speak, I became a huge fan. I am addicted to her show “iyanla fix my life” she helps being families together. She uses her life experiences to teach others. When ever she talks I always feel like my mother is talking to me. Lol it will be nice to have her as a part of my family. She pushes me to continue to be a better version of myself.  I love you maami!!!.
  • David Oyedepo 
  • Living Faith Chuch Worldwide International 
  • Why he motivates me to blog? Yes I am a winner!! This is a man I look up to (papa as he is fondly called)….when i every I go to church on Sundays and witness Bishop David Oyedepo preaching something stirs up within me… He inspires me to do better, he motivates me to give my all not 100 or 110 percent, just my all. His life story encourages me to see a brighter and beautiful  picture of my life.  He lives by an I can do attitude, which I admire. In the year 2015,while in school, I think I was in 300 level then, during our annual Kingdom live Conference, papa came and gave us a creed “the star creed”, it’ s a creed I live by to this day. 

One thing I hope to do that will improve the world;

Hmmmm…well if there is anything I  wish to do that will help improve the world we live in, it will be to change the mentality on people and how they look at events that play. Am not saying it’s easy to keep a positive mindset, believe me it not easy but with God’s guidance and word’s, i belive we would be able to get by difficult situations, if we also put away our flaws and look at how unique we really are, then our outlook will definitely change because our mindsets  have taken a new turn.

        Answer to Ashley Gulley challenge question;

My favourite has to be: You can You will by Joel Osteen. In summary,  it talks about 8 qualities and principles that a winner must possess and live by. It teaches me to walk in confidence and apply this principles in my life so as to see God’s blessing and favour being fulfilled in my life. I Haven’t  read it in a while, it’s one of those books I go back to remind myself of the qualities I should possses to overcome certain situations.

                    Challenge Question

So here is my challenge question for you. What drives you to move forward?

                            I nominate;

  1. Lines of Lazarus;
  2. Lynni;
  3. Dirt,Grace &Zest;
  4. Anomalous Darlings;
  5. Godly Youths;
  6. Uplifting Bible Verses;

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