It’s July baby!!! New Goals!!! New Changes!!!

Wow! The second half of the year is finally here people!!! It’s already July still can’t believe it. July is one of my favorite months because it always brings about changes in my life and it’s also the birth month of the people dearest to me. It’s also a month full of celebration, which makes me really excited about this month.

A  lot of things happened during the first half of the year. It taught me a lot and i decided to step up my game and  not let this month of July pass me by without setting out goals I need to achieve before the month runs out.

So, What are these goals I have set for myself?
Well, here goes;

  • Pray Daily, Listen and Meditate.

I realised for sometime that , I have not been praying as often as I used too, i no longer medidate or take time to listen to what God has planned out for me. I feel like am a bit disconnected. This has to change, with me creating more ample time to communicate with God.

Amy's Brew pray daily, listen and mediate

  • Stop procrastinating and just do it!!

Anyone who knows me would tell you I procrastinate a lot. I can be down right lazy at times. I don’t do things when I ought to do them. For some time I have been planning on taking up a particular course, but whenever I have the time to take it, I don’t end up following through. Some months back I gained weight, I told myself I was going to get up early every morning and jog, well that didn’t happen, because whenever I set up my alarm to wake up at 6 am, I end up dismissing it.  I am going to shake off this spirit of procastinating  and laziness. I need to get back in shape and take things a bit more seriously. I really do need to step it up.

Amy's Brew stop procastinating and just do it

  • Plan and set goals.

I am so glad I finally have gotten a planner and to do list.  It will keep me grounded in things I need to do, like write more, reaseach more and set new goals and challenges I have to meet!!  *P.S. I need to increase my wordpress friends and actively follow up what I aim to achieve.

  • Stay positive and influence others to do so.

I need to look beyond my flaws and tell my self  ‘i am smart’ ‘i am a masterpiece’ ‘i am unique’ and  at the same time try to project positive vibes around me no matter the situation I am faced with. I have realized that even if you are not in a good mood it’s always advisable to smile, because you don’t know who you just saved, with just a smile. I have decided to keep good thoughts and share them with others who may be feeling left out or troubled. A positive mind plus a positive vibes equals a positive life.

Amy's Brew stay positive and encourage others to do so

  • Read more books.

I have a lot I of books piling up that I haven’t read or I have read half way. I plan reading them to better equip myself.  I may not be able to read them all this month, but am positive I will be able to completely read them and not dump them half way.

I know a lot of us set goals that we don’t end up following up, due to events around us. All we need do is take them one step at a time and do the the needful.

Since I have shared this  I have to do them. If I can do them so can you!!

What your goals for this month? Please share, let move forward together and encourage one another. 


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