Behind Amy’s Brew 

Coming up with a blog name can be very frustrating, fun and exiciting. Frustrating in the sense that when you figure out a name, you end up finding out that someone else already uses that name. It  can also be fun in sense that you come up with the most stupid names, you end up wondering did “I really just come up with that”. 

For some months i pondered on what name to title my blog. Then I asked myself, “what truly best describes me?” “What reflects my personality?” “What makes me original?”

I reflected on these questions for some time, days turned into weeks, and eventually it turned into months. I felt stuck, thinking that I will never put up my blog.

What did I do? 

Well, I did what any other person will do “I gave up”. I told myself  ” i was never going to set up a blog”  ” i am not good enough” “what can I offer the that would look different from what others have done?”.

At, the tail end of the month of March, i picked up a book tilted “The Power of I am” by Joel Osteen. While reading this book, it dawned on me that i placed negativity over positivity in my life. I started to change my “I am’s”

Then I decided to change my outlook towards things, and refocus my mind on things that make me who i am positively. I told myself “I would rather stay positive or keep quiet”.

I started working on my self and speaking positively about my blog and other aspects of my life, telling myself if I could change my mindset and apply positive action I would get outstanding results. 

And then finally a name came up for my blog. How?

Well, it came through my brother, while discussing the names I came up with for my blog, he looked at me and said;  

“sis am not trying to say the names you came up with aren’t  good, they just don’t reflect you, I suggest you name your blog “Amy’s Brew”.

I asked him what he meant, and he  said; 

“brewing involves the occurrence of events. Likewise our lives, we move through various phases in life, it could bitter or sweet, high or low…. negative or positive, discouraging or uplifting….”

That’s when I realized, i had found a name that suited my personality and the focus of my blog. Which is to look at life as a process it may not look favorable, but at the end of the day, it would turn out to be a blessing.

A lot of us feel that the situations that we pass through today, have not been experienced by others. The truth is we have all faced this issues at one point in our lives … its our ability to come out of them  that makes us peculiar. 

At some point in our lives we want to do the right thing but we are not really sure if we are doing the right thing, because the world, our friends and loved ones don’t tell us  what’s really right or wrong.

The truth is no one really has all the answers, but there is one who does and thats “God”.  He may not appear or speak to us in person, but through his words, we are able to find answers to whatever situation we find ourselves.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, would love to read your comments.

Till next time, take care.

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