Hi!  My name is Stephanie.

Welcome to my blog !!!!

I am really happy to know you, though we’ve not met,  am just glad to know you.

I am more than ready to put a smile on your face.

Want to know why???

Because you are amazing!!!

There are a lot of times we are faced with situations that leave us feeling wounded, hurt, depressed…..that we fail to see the brighter side of things. 

So, rather than being down and feeling like you are carrying the world’s burden, why don’t you shake of those feelings and worries and put on a positive veil and see awesomeness coming your way. Tell yourself “I am a masterpiece” “I am a star” “I am unique”. 

Not with pride, but with a quiet confidence and knowledge that you are created by God to be who you are  with confidence.

I hope you visit my blog from time to time and my posts encourage you to stay positive always.

5 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

    1. Hello YOU 😊! How are you doing today? Welcome to my blog and I hope that you will visit here time after time.

      My name is Jean. I am not a professional writer but what motivated me to blog is my love for you.

      Yes, you!

      I hate to see a sad face, so this blog will aim to uplift you. I read the Bible a lot so whatever I write here is just what I’ve internalized and meditated on.

      I hope you will be encouraged.

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